How Jamb Sets 2023/2024 Questions (physics +Maths +economics+chemistry +English )

How Jamb Sets 2023/2024 Questions And Where The Questions Come From (physics +Maths +economics+chemistry +English +biology +government)

Have you ever ask your self this question “how does jamb get and sets questions?” most times we all wonder and keep wondering where does all this questions jamb keeps setting every year are coming from.

Where jamb sets questions from

In fact there must be a vault or a group of professors who sit down one place and keep bringing new answers. Honestly all this question have been running in the mind of thousands of JAMB candidates.

So in this article we shall discuss how JAMB set questions, where jamb will set the 2021 jamb question from , how they get their questions so just calm down and read on.

See Where Jamb Get Mathematics Questions 2023/2024 :


All JAMB Mathematics questions comes from the text books jamb has recommended for you. Although we can not deny the fact that the exam board most times modify this question which most times look different from previous ones. If you know all rules that exist in maths then solving them won’t be a problem.

Try your best by going through past questions in Mathematics see Mathematics Past Questions here

See How and where Where Jamb Get’s Use Of English Questions

Have you ever wondered where JAMB gets use of English comprehension from? What about all those fill in the gap spaces random questions?

Well from our little digging we were able to find some clues which clear a lot of suggestions we had back in the days.

Honestly JAMB comprehension and every other questions not limited to fill in the spaces are sometime gotten from major newspapers publication, at times the officials of JAMB goes as far as getting well written and publish financial report from Nigeria bureau of statistics, financial publications of companies, press release etc. see jamb English questions and answers here

Let’s not be fooled by the antics of JAMB, have it in mind that jamb most times and often set their questions from past questions, that’s why you must pay attention to all previously sets jamb questions.

See How and Where Jamb Gets Jamb Literature In English Questions 2023/2024 :

We all know that year in year out JAMB won’t fail to recommend novels. This JAMB novels are not for fancy neither do they just want to make money from the sales of the books.
For sure questions most comes out from this novels and its your duty to read and understand what information the writer of the novel is trying to pass. Jamb will now set questions from this novel for you. how JAMB literature in English answer will be like

See How and where Jamb Sets Questions In Other Subjects 2023/2024 :

We have taken time to explain other subjects like use of English Language, literature in English, mathematics but time won’t permit us to go much further with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, etc, . but have it in mind that question from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics,government etc, comes from text books, past questions and lot more.

Conclusion: You don’t need to cram everything as this might fail you. Try your best to understand a given topic you are reading, try to understand the principles and formula governing each law only then can you answer any questions no matter how it is twisted..

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