How To Answer 2023/2024 JAMB Use Of English Questions Correctly In JAMB

How To Answer 2023/2024 JAMB Use Of English Questions Correctly In JAMB

As the jamb 2023/2024 approaches lets take a quick look on how to answer the 2023/2024 jamb use of english language questions correctly.
Jamb questions and answers for use of english
In my last article i shared what jamb will set or what you should expect in  jamb use of english language.

I also shared another article on Jamb past questions and answers for use of english language here

But on this article we are going to teach you how to answer these questions where to start from and the score attached to each section.

We all know that English language is compulsory irrespective of your course of study.

We assume that you have at least a credit in your O level results and you are now preparing to take the forth coming jamb.

I promise you after reading this article from A-Z you and implement all that i will point out today then you will score nothing less than 60 in just the use of english language.

How To Answer JAMB Use Of English Questions In JAMB


Your ability to quickly understand the structure of english language remains a key to having an outstanding score in jamb.

It’s of no news that every structure in jamb use of english carried a different marks.

Which means if you are able to answer questions and get them correctly from a particular section with high marks then This can Boast your total score.

You have to identify those structures that carry high marks and try your very best on these areas.

Jamb use of english language is subdivided into the following :

  • Passage
  • Lexis
  • Structure
  • Oral Forms

How To Answer JAMB Use Of English Questions | Passage I to III

In jamb use of english language each question you got correctly comes with 3 marks and from the question jamb set in 2023/2024 each section come with 15 questions.

If you are able to get all answers correctly here then that means you have been able to land Your self 15 solid mark.

How To Answer 2023/2024 JAMB Use Of English Questions| Passage IV

In passage IV which is mainly according to jamb is dedicated to test candidates knowledge on english register.
Here we where made to understand that each question carries nothing less than 2 solid marks.
Again from the previous jamb exams jamb assigned just 10 questions to. Passage IV, if you are able to answer all 10 questions correctly you will be cruising with sure 20 marks

How To Answer 2023/2024 JAMB Use Of English Questions| Lexis section

This section has to do with reasoning, Here jamb will test how sound you are in some of the use of words we human normally make use of on daily basis.

The jamb lexis section and passage IV carries same mark which is just 2 so answering 10 questions correctly give you 20 marks

Finally the lexis section is divided into

  • idioms,
  • Nearest in meaning,
  • Opposite in meaning.

How To Answer 2023/2024 JAMB Use Of English Questions| structure

Now let’s go to the structure section, here you will be tested on how sentences in English language is form

You will be tested in the following areas:

  • semantics
  • syntax,
  • tenses,
  • phrasal verbs,
  • prepositions,

But it will interest you to know that this section carries just 1 mark.

Summary of 2023/2024 jamb of english language questions and answers

  1. In comprehension passage you will be given 15 questions and each question carries 3. Like I have said, try your best to answer this part correctly as this will Boast your overall marks.
  • Where you are ask to interpret a sentence, each question comes with 2 makes and you will be given 10 questions
  • Antonyms and synonyms will carry 15 questions each with 1 mark attached to each question
  • In areas where they ask you to complete the sentences by filling the missing words, you will be given 20 questions with each carrying 1 marks
  • In test of oral, you will be given same 15 questions but with just 1 mark per each.


First read all instructions and carefully mark the pint they are trying to make this should guide your decision on which questions to lay emphasis on.

TRY to understand key points the examiner is trying to make

TRY to under all sentences and phrases that you comes across, if you fail to fully understand them before answering any question then don’t be surprised such a one won’t do well

Try to understand what information the writer of the page is trying to pass across.

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