How To Resolve And Avoid Cases Of Invalid E-Pins In JAMB Registration

How To Resolve And Avoid Cases Of Invalid E-Pins In JAMB Registration

are you have issues with jamb E-pin while trying to register for jamb? are you getting a message of invalid E-pin when trying to access the registration portal? if yes continue reading
jamb profile

with an invalid E-pin the registration portal won’t be accessible to you

causes of invalid E-pin

  • you didn’t create your Jamb profile and you did not get your profile code before proceeding to the bank
  • maybe you didn’t validate your email address while creating your Jamb profile
  • Probably you gave the bank officials a wrong email address
  • invalid pin can also be caused my system errors or technical problem from jamb.

what steps should i take now?

  • Don’t waste your funds to buy new E-pin yet
  • jamb has promised to resolve all issues of invalid pin, because they are aware of this.
  • They will likely send you all your details via an email address, this will include your e-pin.

what can i do to avoid issues of invalid E-pin?

  • make sure you have created your Jamb profile first as this is the first step to take
  • make sure you get your Jamb profile code before proceeding to the bank to get your e-pin
  • Ensure you have a valid email address and never make any mistake when jamb request for it.
  • make sure your phone number is valid and can receive SMS at any point in time
  • Get your Jamb E-pin from accredited banks
  • all registration must be done via an accredited registration center

accredited banks selling JAMB E pin

jamb registration centre Nationwide

how to create a jamb profile

how to create a jamb profile code



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