Jamb Has Started Sending Exam Center And Date Slip Via Email 2023/2024

Jamb Has Started Sending Exam Center And Date Slip Via Email 2023/2024 |http www jamb org ng print examination slip

We have written countless articles that centers on 2023/2024 JAMB Reprinting and am going to take out time by bring the links of what we have shared this past few weeks :Jamb going to send our exams centers and other information?|jamb has not sent my centre

how to check your exam date and center

jamb said they will send exam date and center!!! find out more here

Just like jamb promised, all candidates will receive their exam date. Venue and time before the 2023/2024 JAMB exams start.

Based From the previous exam like in 2021 and 2022  JAMB did keep to their promise by sending exam dates and time to most candidates few days to the exam.

If you want to know when jamb will start sending exam date and venue find out here

Jamb will send your date, venue and time to your email :


The first place to check whether jamb has sent your mail or not is your email address. You are expected to check the email address very well, check the folders too, the spam folder to be precise

If you didn’t see it on your email then you need to see the best alternative to get your date, time and venue here.

Although we understand that some candidates might have lost access to their email address, like they used a wrong address that belong to some one else to register for jamb exams. This practice is very bad but i have outline steps to help you out here

jamb has not sent my centre

Probably you have check all through your mail you couldn’t see your jamb slip you can click here to see what next to do.

After Jamb Exam Center, What Next?

Now that the 2023/2024 jamb exams dates and time has been revealed to you and you have noticed that you have only but a short time before the exam commence.
Probably you have not prepared very well or read enough and there is still enough pages of your text books you have to cover under this limited time.

We on our part understand your situation and we have prepared a well written guide on how to jack and read your books within 2 weeks and still pass your exams.

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