Npower batch C Registration 2024/2025 recruitment (N Build, teach, tech, health, agro)

Npower Recruitment : registration portal is open for new application|

NPower registration for Batch C starts  June

Do you want to apply for the N-Power Batch C registration which is a sub category of the federal government social empowerment scheme?

This programme was introduced to help young Nigerians develop requisite skills that will help them become successful entrepreneurs and employers of labor.

Registration starts June 

Check : N-Power registration closing date is out – see it here

Graduates programme duration is 2 years (24 months) while non-graduates programme duration is 3 months

N-Power Batch C Programmes.


These n-power programmes category are;

Graduate Category.


Non-Graduate Category.

i. N-Power Creative
ii. N-Power Tech-Hardware
iii. N-Power Tech-Software

Npower build

If you are really interested in joining the scheme, the time is now set for you to register for the N-Power Batch C

And be on the federal government payroll receiving 30k every month while busy acquiring knowledge.

The federal government has asked new applicants to come forward now, this was made known to the press on June 2020 , that is why we took it upon our self to give you a clear guidelines on how to apply as specify by the federal government.

If you want to get the latest information about Npower Recruitment for 2020, this article will be valuable to you.

In this article we are going to enlighten you on how to apply for various Npower programme such as Nbuild, N-POWER Teach, N-POWER Health, N-POWER AGRO, N-POWER TAX.

You shall see the basic requirements that an applicant may possess which will help your application to be accepted instantly.

Check : N-Power registration closing date is out – see it here

About Npower Recruitment programme 2023/2024

Nigeria as a country is blessed with both mineral and human resources, it has been estimated that the total population of Nigeria is about 200 million plus

while poverty rate has increased and continued to increase in fact its estimated that over 90 million naira spend less than $1 on daily basis.

The Government of the day is really concerned about the alarming rate of poverty, unemployment which could in no time result to social anarchy if nothing is done to put everything under check.

It is as a result of this that the Federal government came up with an idea that will help correct some of this anomalies, try to redistribute income to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor while at the same time try to impact skills into beneficiaries of the programme that it came up with the NPOWER concept.

Please note that Npower programme is not a scheme that is designed to help you collect free money from the government.

you are expected to learn a skill, provide solutions to the society and also help in primary health care, improving education delivery and lots more.

The federal government has promised that almost half a million Nigerians between the ages of 18 to 35 are targeted to be recruited.

They are going to serve as hardware service professionals, graphic artists, artisans, animators, software developers, building services professionals.

As you can see the Npower programme is packed with a lot of amazing benefits and offers. Apart from the monetary benefits which is a 30,000 monthly stipend you are entitled to, you stand a chance to gain knowledge on specialized area that are of interest to you.


N-POWER HEALTH recruitment

Npower health programme is designed to help improve and promote preventive healthcare in communities that lack health care personnel.

Although Nigeria as a whole suffers from inadequate health care personnel but focus is being placed on areas that have acute shortage or non existence of health delivery.

N-POWER AGRO recruitment

Million of farmers in Nigeria don’t really know best practices on how to increase their productivity, fight pests, store their produce and also source or get their produce to the final consumer in a timely manner.

In this case the federal government will engage NPOWER AGRO team and applicants to help offer the best possible advice to challenges being faced by farmers.

N-POWER TAX recruitment

Tax compliance in Nigeria is not encouraging hence the federal government will engage N-POWER TAX applicants also called Community Tax Liaison Officers to help raise massive awareness on the importance of tax to the development of Nigeria as a whole.

Npower build (N-BUILD)  recruitment starting date

The federal government will open the portal for recruitment very soon and the portal is expected to be short down after few month.

See the list of 7 trades in npower build (N Build) recruitment

This are the available positions you can apply for they are seven in numbers

  • Masonry and tilling
  • Automobile
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Hospitality
  • Agric tech
  • Plumbing and pipe fitting
  • Electrical installation

Qualification for npower build application

  • You must be up to 18 years before you can apply
  • You must be currently unemployed but willing to work
  • You must have the desire for fixing and building stuff around.

Official portal for N-Build application

All applications should be forwarded or done on the N-Build portal which is located at

Npower Recruitment requirement

If you want to access and enhance your skills of various types and want to develop your self, npower offers you the platform to do just that.

But before you can participate in Npower there are requirements that you as a Nigerian must possess that will convince the federal government that you are fit and ready to be placed in such programme that will help elevate your social status a little.

  • Your age remains a critical part of the recruitment process. If you are not yet up to age, let’s say 18 your application Will be turned down, likewise if you are over 35 years of age you will be asked not to apply.
  • Your educational qualifications Will be scrutinize. Npower is designed to absorbed HND and BSc graduates who are currently unemployed but we have seen secondary school leavers with just O level results who got recruited. So try your luck and apply.

How to apply / register for NPOWER Recruitment

  • Before you can apply you must visit the npower build application portal
  • Input all your details and information on the right format.
  • Please don’t forget to print your acknowledgement slip because you will come along with it to the screening venue

Hope this information is clear enough? If you need more information about how to go about the application please comment below using the form

What is N-power scheme and how does it work

N-Power is a government-sponsored program aimed at empowering Nigerian youths.

N-Power aspires to address the growing issue of unemployment in the country by providing a platform where young Nigerians can learn and develop relevant working skills, focusing on improving public services and stimulating a better economy.

The N-Power programs are categorized into two groups; one for Graduates and the other for Non-Graduates.

The N-Power Graduate category, commonly referred to as the N-Power Volunteer Corps is the post-tertiary participation program for young adults (18-35 years old).

This is a two-year paid volunteer program where volunteers are assigned tasks at local public services within their home towns.

The Non-Graduate category is designed to educate and equip non-graduates with the relevant skills needed to improve themselves and the economy. All successful applicants will be certified after the training program.

All selected candidates will have access to computing devices that will contain the necessary information needed to begin their task, training, and development.

Every volunteer is required to provide teaching, instructional, and consulting services in four key areas:

  • N-Power Agro: N-Power Agro Volunteers will provide advisory services to farmers. But first, they are expected to undergo some training with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in extension services. After completing their training, volunteers are then sent out to share their knowledge with farmers across the country.
  • N-Power Health: N-Power Health Volunteers are deployed to their communities to enlighten the masses about public health. Pregnant women and children are taught how to live healthily and prevent the spread of disease.
  • N-Power Teach: N-Power Teach Volunteers will be deployed as teacher assistants in primary schools to educate and enlighten children to promote basic education across Nigeria.
  • N-Power Tax: N-Power volunteers will be selected to work as Community Tax Liaison Officers in their states of residence with the state’s tax authorities. These tax liaison officers will be responsible for increasing tax compliance awareness, online inquiries, and customer management.

Importance of the N-power scheme program

N-Power aspires to create a platform where Nigerians can learn and develop skills needed for economic development.

The program was designed as a component of the National Social Investment Program to provide a platform where young Nigerians can acquire and develop the relevant and large-scale professional skills needed to secure or create jobs.

Each participant is expected to improve economic growth by learning and applying the acquired skills.

How do I check my N-power status

  • Head to the Npower official website at “ And
  • Click on the “Check Preselection Status” tab and then enter your BVN or email address.
  • Here, you can check if you have been pre-selected. If you’ve been pre-selected, you’ll have to wait for the physical verification date to be announced.

How do I check my N-power shortlist?

  • The Npower shortlist contains the names of all the candidates who have made it to the selection round.
  • Head to the website at and fill in your NASIMS ID details.
  • Click Enter and then click on the shortlisted candidate’s tab. You’ll get a congratulations message if you’ve been shortlisted.

Please note that the shortlisting process is divided into two stages; the final selection and deployment phase. Candidates who have made it to the final selection will be deployed to their place of assignment.

If your name is not on the list of shortlisted candidates, you are advised to wait patiently for the following batch. You might be selected in the next batch of shortlisted candidates.

How do I write my N-power test?

  • Head to, login to the Npower Test Portal, and select your applied category. This includes Npower Teach, Npower Agro, Npower Build or Npower Tax, etc.
  • Click on the Test tab to begin the test.

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