NYSC 2021/2022 call up letter batch A,B stream 1 and 2 |how to check NYSC call up letter| print your Green card & call up letter here portal.nysc.org.ng/call up letter

NYSC 2021/2022 call up letter batch A,B stream 1 & II |how to check NYSC call up letter| print your Green card & call up letter here portal.nysc.org.ng/call up letter

Immediately you are through with your online registration, made necessary payments the next thing that comes up is call up letter printing. With out printing your NYSC call up letter of batch A, B, C stream 1 and 2 , you won’t know the actual date you are supposed to report to camp.

All batch stream 1 and 2 should take note that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) will soon open it portal for all 2021/2022 to print out their call up letter online. It is only when the portal is open for printing that you can successfully print your call up letter.

I Didn’t pay any money at Bank how can I get my call up letter? NYSC 2021/2022

Since you didn’t pay for your call up letter during your online registration that means you won’t be able to print out your call up letter online. You need to visit your various schools to get it.

What’s call up letter all about? 2021/2022

Your NYSC call up letter contains vital information like your call up number, the state you have been posted to serve, the date you should report to camp, date when verification will be over in camp and other information.

nysc call up letter

How to Print NYSC Call-Up Letters 2021/2022 Batch

For those who paid during the online registration should follow this process to get their call up latter now.

  1. Log on to NYSC official portal @ http://portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. Login with your registered email and password.
  3. Now Click on ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link to access and print your call-up letter.

Steps to print your Green card 2021/2022

You might ask what is NYSC Green card all about? Well NYSC Green card is just a small slip given to you by the NYSC board. This Green card is not only important but contains vital and necessary information about you.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has mandated all PCM to make multiple photocopies.

You might ask how does the green card looks like? Well you might have seen it before but maybe you don’t know that name . So we are going to provide a sample for you.

nysc Green card

What’s NYSC call up number all about? 2021/2022

Call-Up-number is a unique identification number given to you. The call up number is printed on the upper left side of the call up letter. It will help the official of the NYSC team to identify, process, and verify all your details you have submitted online.

You are advised to get all your required documents in tact most importantly your certificate, you should get the original copy of your certificate or statement of results not the photocopy.

Important information

  • Those who schooled in Nigeria should please come along with their Degree/HND Certificates remember that this can be original or statement of result. Come along with a valid means of identification from your school.
  • Those who school abroad or foreign students need to come along with all documents they uploaded online during the registration period. Note that your international passport and travel documents are needed.
  • Those whose documents/ academic credentials are not written in English language need to translate it
  • Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses and Public Environmental Health graduates come with your professional licenses

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  1. morning what will I do if I want to serve, because I saw exemption letter, and I want to serve any help plz God bless u.

  2. Please,how do i know when my name is out in the Senate list of my school?Can u people always email me about NYSC mobilization second batch?

    • Please my new coming NYSC MEMBER, I want you to avoid open your NYSC account with access bank in the camp, they always come first to register highest percentage of Corp members and they are the most worst bank among the other banks in term of services Please don’t go and open access bank NYSC account please tell other OTONDO to avoid them. Another bank will come later… Wait for other bank please ooo.. Tell others and safe soul.

  3. I can’t view my call up letter via my phone before I proceed to print please what could be the problem

    • What of getting to the camp on the third day because my flight has bn rescheduled from Tuesday 6th November when the registration at the camp is going to close to 7th November when sweating in with take off?

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  5. I mobilize in my school but use a different DOB.now NYSC list is out, my name is there,but they are showing not matriculated.what will I do?

  6. I was regularized by JAMB before i got admission into the university,i was given a new Jamb number. Will this qualify me for NYSC?

  7. I can’t find my call up letter they keep on telling me due to covid 19 ,all pcm will not be allowed to ……………….,pls what should I do


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