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Before giving you the proper guidelines on recruitment  we will like to explain the main role and importance of the Nigeria custom service popularly called NCS to the Nigerian government.

Nigerian custom service recruitment 2019/2020

The custom service is very dire to the Nigerian government, the federal government has recognized the importance the NCS plays in revenue generation that is why they have to place them under the close watch of the federal ministry of finance rather than the ministry of interior just like other para-military agencies are.

How to apply for 2024/2025 custom recruitment


Over the past few months there has been excitement when the news broke out that the Nigeria custom service will soon be recruiting, ever since the news broke out, Nigerians have been asking when will the  Nigeria custom recruitment start?

Before we continue with the  Nigeria custom recruitment application process there are certain things we will like to let you know about the Nigeria custom and one of them you should take note of is :

the Nigeria custom service recruitment  Application is free of charge, you will never be asked to pay any money into any bank account. Any person, individual or group of persons that approach you demanding for any money from you should be seen as scam.

Few days from now we will be releasing major updates about the much anticipated Nigeria custom service recruitment  , never you fail to visit this page because we got so many loaded gist for you

How you can apply for the Nigeria custom recruitment

Visit this link to start applying @

You must have heard from most people saying that Nigeria custom service job is difficult to get, many have actually failed to pass through the screening stage because they failed to follow the right approach while applying.

So as the Nigeria custom service recruitment is about to kick start you must be ready to get it right now, which means you must be ready to follow our instructions on this page.
Although we have all been anticipating for the recruitment to kick start truth be told no one knows the actual date when the portal will be activated to start receiving applications but we are hopeful that the recruitment might begin before the 3rd quarter of the year.

For now you should keep visiting this page for genuine update, stay away from those spreading false news and also making promises just with the aim of looking for who will be their victim.

Nigerian custom recruitment requirement

As we all keep waiting for the application form to be released online let’s look at those factors and documents that are necessary for a successful application.

  • You must have a valid means of identification
  • Have the necessary credentials right from the minimum requirements which is an O level results or degree certification like BSc and HND degree.
  • You must be fit physically.
  • Your birth certificates must be available.

Steps to register for the Nigeria custom recruitment

Visit this link to start applying

First we will like you to note that the form can be access online at joblistings.php

  • You will have to sign up on the NCS portal, validate your mail.
  • Return back to the portal and fill all necessary details and information correctly.
  • Your height will be taken into consideration, like for men they must be 1.68 meters while women should be 1.65 meters.
  • Pregnant women are not allow to apply.

Documents to download from the portal are :

Immediately you submit your application you will be required to download some documents and they are :

  1. Acknowledgement form
  2. Parent /guidance form
  3. Local government attestation form

When the Nigeria custom recruitment application process start you will be notify on how to fill the form you downloaded online.

Conclusion on the Nigerian custom recruitment 

  • The Nigeria custom service recruitment  Application Form is not out.
  • Application will be done online not manually.
  • There are several stages involve in the Nigeria custom recruitment application process.
  • You might be required to take a compulsory jamb exams just like the Police just did.

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  1. I’m applying for superintendent cadre, I pray and wish it favors me this time.. Cos I l’d love to be
    part of NCS.

  2. Yusuf Zainab Funmilayo

    Please I will like to be inform or notify when custom are recruiting or when the online form is out in 2020..thank you

  3. Onovo Chinedu Michael

    i really want to join the Nigerian Custom, it will be my pleasure if the crucial opportunity is given to me, please dc notify me.

  4. Please notify me sir when the form is out sir,am intrested in it cus i v apply for the form cus when they send me text message for the jamb exam i slept off on that day that’s why sir thanks alot sir

  5. Elisha Elijah Ben

    I’m Elisha Ben, please Custom is my dream the only force i can’t do without. Please i need a update to know when the 2020/2021 form will out, thanks.

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    Pls I will like to be notify when the Nigeria Custom Service Application form will be out 2020…Thank you.

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    Please i need to be alerted when the form for 2020 is ready, because been a Custom is my dream. Thank you for your concern.


    I need an update when its time for recruitment because I so much have interest on be a CUSTOM OFFICER

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