What To Do When Jamb Says You Do Not Have Any Result Yet 2023/2024

Jamb 2023/2024 What To Do When Jamb Says You Do Not Have Any Result Yet

Report have been coming in that some jamb candidates who just took the 2023/2024 jamb cbt exams could not find their results on Jamb portal why trying to check their results

Jamb result not found

Sir I wrote my jamb exams on Monday, teusday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday but no result yet what should i do?

We have received series of questions like this in the last 24 hours and more are still pouring in.

It is painful after undergoing the stress involved in registration of jamb, taking jamb mock exams and finally sitting for the exams only to for you to discover that your results can’t be found.
It will be more painful when you found out that your friends and classmates who took the same exam with you have all seen their results and they are preparing for postutme exams.

Well if you wrote the 2023/2024 jamb exams and have not seen your Jamb 2021 result yet, i will like you to continue reading this article.

This is to bring to your notice that the exam board jamb has started releasing the results of all those who wrote the 2023/2024 jamb exams. The jamb boss has advised candidates to kindly check their results.

The above message was from jamb boss, but up till now most candidates have not seen their results.

Jamb result might be delayed due to technical issues : in this case you just have to wait for few more weeks and keep checking, they will surely release it.

Jamb result might be delayed due to exam misconduct :
Although from year to year JAMB do withheld some results found to have suspicious link with exam malpractice, at times these results are held for careful investigation and only when this investigation is completed that they will be released.

See:list of Schools That will Conduct a Written Post-Utme Admission Screening Exam

what should I do now that my result hasn’t been released?


Since your results has not been released and you are 100% sure that you didn’t engage in any illegal act in the hall, like bringing of phone, engaging in exam malpractice then be rest assured that your results will be out.
Do not panic just keep checking, you might give it one week and check back. Like there is a guy that wrote on Monday/teusday but only say his result on just yesterday.

But if it exceed 2 weeks since you wrote your exam and haven’t seen your Jamb results yet its no bad idea to contact jamb

You can still chose to contact jamb using their contact form, they will look into the issue and get back to you within an unspecified period of time, but you should be patience enough.

Conclusion: never say never, don’t lose hope, be on high spirit since you know you did no wrong, there has been cases in the past where candidates even seen their results after a weeks.
Yours won’t be different.

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If you still have any question to ask then feel free to drop your question using the comment box

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Also look for updated jamb syllabus and read along with your text books.

how to retrieve lost jamb profile code

how to login to your Jamb profile

how to create a jamb profile code

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19 thoughts on “What To Do When Jamb Says You Do Not Have Any Result Yet 2023/2024”

  1. Elaigwu ojochenemi Ann

    Please am trying to check my result but am being told my number was not used for registration and am 100%
    Sure the number is correct please what do I do now

  2. Ahgu Nathaniel esla

    Please the sim I used to register my JAMB got missing so I want to check the internet but is not displaying my result.(WHAT DO I DO?)

  3. Uwadiegwu Chinenye Success

    I received a message from FUNIA that I should check my admission status before portal closes.But each time I checked they said sorry no admission so what does that mean?

  4. Williams Adaeze Deborah

    I have been trying to check my result but it seems my effort is in vain.Pls what can I do or is there any other way to get to it?.pls……


    I wrote jamb on Monday 16th March I’m trying to check my results with phone numbers and they are telling me the gsm number has been used by another candidate,I tried using online the portal is not opening what do I do


    I wrote jamb on Tuesday the 17th of March 2020 and I didn’t get the result after two days and when the result was finally sent
    in March 31 the mark was very low which I know very well that, that’s not my result. I wouldn’t mind writing the exam only me if jamb will permit because I know very well the score that was released it’s mine I know there’s an error. My school teachers doubt the result that it isn’t mine.

  7. I wrote jamb 2022 and anytime I checked it always saying result not released and my money keep deducting so I don’t understand what going on.

  8. It’s 2weeks now that I’ve been checking my result but got no replies from Jamb at all for me to know what the challenge is.

  9. Jamb result have been released but i have not seen mine I wrote my exam on Tuesday 10 of may2022 pls wen will it be released

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