how to create jamb PROFILE 2023/2024 for regularization

how to create jamb PROFILE 2023/2024 for regularization/jamb regularization for NYSC

This article give you a step by step guide on how to successfully process your jamb regularization for NYSC or Direct entry but first let’s see how to create a jamb profile for regularization and also for the 2023/2024 jamb registration.

Before you begin your jamb regularization you have create a jamb profile, jamb profile is your first step before carrying out any transaction with jamb now. Let’s go.

What is Jamb Profile all about 2023/2024


A jamb profile is a personal account that each graduate, undergraduate or prospective undergraduate must create with JAMB. Jamb profile enables a user to easily access all services that the joint admission and matriculation board JAMB provides

How to create a jamb profile

to create a jamb profile is very easy and straight forward. Jamb profile can be created using either the USSD/sms option or through jamb portal
simple steps in creating your personal jamb profile
how to know your password and email address to your jamb profile

how to login to your jamb profile with your email and password

What is Jamb Profile Email Verification.

Before creating a jamb profile you must first validate your email address, this shows that you can access the email anytime and also the email is correct.

Details needed to create a jamb profile:

To create your jamb profile successfully you will need certain details that are personal and they are:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Other name
  • Valid email address
  • Local Government Area
  • Date of Birth
  • State of Origin
  • mobile number

How to Create Jamb Profile for Regularization, Admission Letter, Result Printing, Direct


TO create jamb profile is very easy, those who are finding it difficult with this easy step you will be able to find your way about it.

Before going through this step make sure you have created an email account or if you already have one before you can make use of it.

  • First you have to log onto the jamb portal
  • Click on “create an accountsign up to jamb profile
  • Input your email address in the space provided for it and don’t forget to input other details and finally click on verify email
  • A verification details will be sent to your mail, open your email and click on the verification link sent to you.
  • You will be directed to jamb page, here you will input your full names and other details before clicking sign up.

How to create a jamb profile through your phone ( Direct entry and NYSC)

yes it’s possible to create a jamb profile through usdd code , to create your jamb profile using your mobile device click here

Is Jamb Profile Compulsory 2022/2023

Jamb profile is very compulsory because without a personal profile you can’t process your late entry (regularization) with jamb and you can’t register for the 2022/2023 jamb exams.

See: how to retrieve your jamb profile password and Email

what’s the important of a jamb profile

See:7 things you can do with your jamb profile

  • Jamb profile enables you to regularize your admission with jamb
  • You can easily print your admission letter
  • You can easily apply for a change of course and institution through jamb profile
  • You can easy fast track your admission status

After i have created my jamb profile what next 2022/2023

Jamb profile is the first step to registering for jamb not only that it’s also the first step you have to take before you can apply for regularization and before you can print your admission letter and Direct entry.

Jamb regularization 2022/2023

Remember this page is also about how you can apply for jamb regularization? Now that you have successfully created your jamb profile let’s go to the next step on how to apply for jamb regularization for direct entry and NYSC , how much it is.

Ever since JAMB announce process and importance of JAMB regularization a lot of University graduates and also undergraduate has been confused about how to go about it. Although the process of jamb regularization is a little more complicated but a guide like this article will put you through the process hence making everything easy for you.

What is jamb regularization

Jamb regularization simply means the process or act of reconciling your HND/ND/NCE/OND admission
To be in line with JAMB and your institution.
There are some admission process that didn’t pass through the rules, regulations and supervision of JAMB majority of those who falls within this category are:

  1. You are a part time candidate : most part time candidates didn’t take jamb exams as such this set of individuals don’t have jamb registration number.
  2. Jamb is not fully aware about your admission : most institutions offer provisional admission to candidates with first seeking approval from jamb, remember that jamb is the only body that is permitted by law to give out admission.

How do i know if my admission is in line with the joint admission and matriculation board jamb?

This is the question in the mind of jamb candidates now, just follow the simple process below :

  • You have to log on to
  • Now Create a profile if you don’t have or login if you have.
  • Navigate and click on “Check Admission Status.”Find “Check Admission Status.”
  • You have to chose your exam year.
  • Input your the JAMB registration number and click enter.

Warning : there are some candidates that are likely going to have “Sorry no admission is given yet” if the system throws up a message like it means your records or admission didn’t go through the laid down procedures set by jamb.

Check your name on jamb Matriculation list

The jamb Matriculation list is just a concise list put forward by jamb and uploaded into the joint admission and Matriculation board jamb sever. Those whose name is there are those whose admission are recognized by jamb. click here to check your status now

What to do if your name is not on jamb Mathematics list

Those who couldn’t find their name on the jamb Matriculation list are advised to follow this simple step by step guide on what to do next

JAMB regularization procedure 2022/2023

Please note that the fee to process your regularization remains just 10,000 you can click here for more details on that.

For you to be cleared and qualified to participate in the next NYSC batch be it batch A, B or C you Must be cleared by the joint admission and matriculation board jamb and your name must be on jamb matriculation list.
So since your name didn’t appear on the jamb matriculation list you will have to apply for late registration (jamb regularization)

Now let’s give you a simple procedure on how to process your jamb regularization /late registration.

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • Log on to JAMB portal
  • We hope by now you have a jamb profile? If yes input your password and user name if you don’t have yet create one by clicking on “Create an account”lunch your browser and login to
  • Once you are logged in and the page fully loads click on “Late (Retroactive) Application” and “Late Application”.
  • Next, you will see the Confirmation Page.
  • Note: take note of the transaction ID, though on some occasion it will be sent to your mail,so kindly check your mail for that.
  • You will be given an option to pay so you have to chose either bank or debit cardpayment in jamb regularization
  • You are meant to input your atm card details, if you chose bank you will be directed to a remitta page where an a code will be generated. Take the code to the bank and make your paymentpayment
  • Now assuming you have paid, log back in input your jamb registration number and your exam year, input all your details as requested.
  • Finally click on submit and don’t forget to print out the most important document called Indemnity Form take it to your school, after which they need to verify, stamp and send it to jamb office themselves

Note: if everything goes to your favor then you shall receive a new jamb registration number from jamb head office. With this jamb registration number you can now apply for NYSC or do your direct entry.

Second phase :
Now that you have received you have to validate it on jamb portal.
Although all this process look very complicated just like we said before but once you go through this process you won’t have any problem going for service or NYSC registration.

  • Now log back to jamb portal
  • Login with your details.
  • Now you have to get that jamb registration number sent to you via jamb or institution, input it in the space provided the click on “validate”
  • You will be ask to supply some details, capture your finger prints and finally don’t fail to upload your passport.
  • Now click on submit.

How to correct any mistake on your jamb profile

No one is above mistake, jamb is aware of this and they have provided a simple step used to correct any mistake on your jamb profile. Should in case you made a mistake just follow this simple guide below and correct the mistake now
click here for more details

Closing date for jamb regularization

Of recent we have been receiving series of messages from those who want to regularize their admission on jamb portal, they really want to know the closing date or dead can click here to find out the closing date

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