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NPower NASIMS Test Result  | How to Check Your Npower Assessment Screening Result

Steps To Access Your Npower Result

Having completed the Npower Batch C NASIMS assessment examination, we must explain the steps you need to follow to gain access to your assessment result to know your fate whether you made it to the last stage of the qualified candidates.

  • This write-up seeks to explore the processes you need to follow to access your Npower NASIMS assessment result without the stress of visiting a Cafe.Npower profile login

Do not be fazed at all as we are here to provide you with the necessary information you need. We believe it is your earnest desire to check your Npower CBT result through

For you to access your N-Power results, there are two officially approved portals and they are (@NPVN PORTAL) and

It is important to note that only candidates that sat for the exam are at liberty to access their results as well as their names among the qualified candidates.

Procedures to check your Npower Result


Firstly, not all candidates will be able to gain access to their results at once. The results are released in groups for different categories found in the Npower program.

Whether you applied for Npower Tax, Npower Teach, Npower Agro, Npower Tech, etc, you are at liberty to input your details on the login section and check. The checking process does not apply charges. It is FREE.

Also, reports have explained that results can be seen through phone numbers (SMS) and E-mail. Therefore, we advise that you check your mail as results will be released once it is ready.


For convenient access to your Npower Test result, kindly follow the below processes:

NOTE: once you score more than average and you are lucky, your previously selected choice will be saved and you will be automatically redirected to the result page.

What is the Cut Off Mark for Npower Batch C Test Result?

Cut Off Mark is the official average that is expected of a candidate to attain before being enlisted. No official cut off mark has been released concerning this year’s Npower Batch C but it is believed that it might be 50%

A question may be hovering over your mind that, what will be done if a larger percentage of the Npower Batch C candidates score more than 50%? The action that will take place is that the initial cut-off mark will be increased.

Please note that exactly 1 million qualified candidates will be selected after the exercises. For instance, candidates with scores ranging from 70-80% are more qualified than those with scores ranging from 40-50%.

In conclusion, the average score is determined by the level of performance that is recorded at a specific period.

Requirements and General Guidelines On  NPower Batch C Registration

Below are the needed Npower requirements:

  • The required age grade is from 18-35
  • You must provide your BVN. Without a BVN, you can not partake in the program. BVN is important.
  • Only jobless individuals are eligible to enroll. Therefore, take note of the options in the employment status.
  • Also, individuals who have been employed before under this program
  • are automatically disqualified.
  • If a graduate chooses to apply for the Npower Batch C, it is mandatory to provide an NYSC Discharge Certificate or Exemption Letter.
  • Also, you must provide your School Certificate

Note: what makes BVN very inevitable? BVN helps to avert illegal transactions, payment in double folds and does not allow individuals who have been employed by this program to reapply.

NPower Categories

Npower Teach– this category has the highest number of applicants. The Npower Teach is solely meant for candidates willing to teach in schools.

NPower Health this is solely for medical practitioners and candidates who want to acquire further knowledge on the health sector. Unemployed graduates of health-related courses are eligible under this category.

NPower Agro – candidates willing to plant crops and rear livestock like fishery, poultry, etc are welcome into this category.

NPower Tax Unemployed youths who are willing to work as tax liaison officers should apply under this category.

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