Jamb 2023/2024 Exam Date (timetable) Finally Being Decided

Jamb 2023/2024 Exam Date Finally Being Decided:  Jamb News Today- 

Jamb 2023/2024 Exam Date And Registration Form is Finally being decide: in this article you shall all get the latest news about the much anticipated 2023/2024 jamb registration, examination, syllabus, information on mock, JAMB printing and lots of tips.

JAMB registration starts from Saturday, January 14 to Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

Direct Entry (DE) registration starts from Monday, 20th February to Thursday, 20th April 2023.

mock will be on 16th march 2023,

JAMB exams start from Saturday, 29th April 2023 and end on Monday, 12th May 2023.

NIN Compulsory For 2023/2024 UTME Registration

Since jamb registration starts by January, have you created your jamb profile? If not click here now to create one
Now that you have created your jamb profile, we will like you to familiarised your self with the 2023/2024 JAMB registration step by step guide we have provided here for you all.

Jamb latest news today 2019/2020

Immediately you finish your registration don’t forget to check on how to print your slip to show your exam date and venue

Have it in mind that jamb mock is not compulsory, read more about it here

How To Gain Admission With Jamb 2023/2024 No Matter What- PSTA


It’s not news that year in year out thousands of JAMB candidates only waste their scarce resources buying JAMB forms after everything they still fail to gain admission.
Although there are several factors responsible for this trend , among these factors and the worst of it all is the candidate inability to act and make the right decision that will guarantee them admission. click here to see how many hours you should study for the 2022/2023 JAMB exams daily

After 2023/2024 jamb registration what next?Jamb News Today

Now that you have successfully registered your jamb, there are certain things that you must do right now click here to find out

Is It Jamb Or School That Offers Admission (Jamb Date)- Jamb News Today

This question is really confusing, but if you reason deeply you will discover that these two bodies play an important role in every year admission process.

With out JAMB it will be difficult for the right people to gain admission, remember that jamb had to introduce the CAPS which eliminated a lot of hidden fraud.

On the other had with out schools trying to sort out the best performing candidate jamb won’t be able to do that under a given period of time.

Conclusion: both play an important part in every year admission but the ability to decide who finally gets admitted reside in one body click here to find out

How To Check Your Jamb  Results|Jamb News Today

Because of the super technology that have been put in place by jamb, results are now released immediately the exam is over.
Most candidates will even receive their results via SMS while others won’t be able to get it via sms. If you didn’t get your results via sms click here to check your results now
Others will even get “no result found ” or “you don’t have any result” click here to get the possible solution to this problem.

If you want to check your jamb result without password, pin etc click here

Jamb To Release Results for Candidates with no result yet|Jamb News Today

There are thousands of students who the system couldn’t locate their result hence they get massage that says they didn’t not sit for the exams. If you have such problems just have it in mind that thousands of jamb candidates are experiencing it right now click her for solution now!!

Jamb Will set Examination For those who have computer issues – the fact|Jamb News Today

If you missed the exams based on technical problems that occurred in the center the truth is that jamb will reschedule the exam.
Those who missed the exams based on other issues apart from this won’t be considered for another set of exams
Click here to find out if Jamb Postpone exams

Universities and Polytechnics that accept 150 to 180 JAMB UTME score|Jamb News Today

Immediately you have seen your jamb results what comes up next is post UTME screening exercise.
Probably you had low score and you want to choose a university or polytechnic That accept 150,140,160,165,170,179 etc then click here to find out now!!!

Jamb change of course and institution 2023/2024|Jamb News Today

Now that you have seen a list of schools that accept low JAMB score it’s now time for you to quickly do a JAMB change of course and institution.
To start the process we have written a well comprehensive guide click here now to change your course or institution

Jamb change if institution not reflecting -2023/2024 jamb news today|
Jamb News Today

We have gotten some complaints where changes made on jamb portal didn’t reflect.
If you experience this problem and you want to know how to resolve it click here

Jamb 2023/2024 Admission Status (how to check) Jamb News Today

Now that you have written your post UTME screening exercise, it’s now time for you to start checking jamb admission list.

Jamb admission list is a comprehensive list compile by various institutions forwarded to jamb for final approval.
It’s your responsibility to check which school has considered you for admission, Accept them or reject them.jamb admission status checker

What next after jamb and post UTME exams|
Jamb News Today

Now that you have written your jamb exams and probably your post UTME screening exams there are certain things you must do to ensure that you gain admission this year.click here to see what to do next.

Jamb  Direct Entry Registration And Screening Date|jamb news today |Jamb News Today

We can’t forget all JAMB Direct Entry Candidates, if we do that means that we are very heartless hahahahahaha.

All jamb Direct Entry should note that everything is not set for the process and procedures you need to follow to get the forms.

We have written a guide and instructions for you all that covers requirements, how much the form is sold, starting and closing date click here

Will jamb Direct Entry sit for post UTME screening exams?|Jamb News Today

This question is really confusing but we were able to come up with a well written explanation to help you guys click here for better explanation

 Jamb Timetable, Exam Center And Slip Reprint|Jamb News Today

For those of you guys that are done with Your registration you will agree with me that your exam dates and venue and also the time that you are billed to write your exams are missing.

This is not a mistake, JAMB did that on purpose.
The truth of the matter is that jamb will announce a date for you all to print out your slip

click to find out when jamb will start send out information on reprinting of jamb slip


Please note that your first choice can be any of the following

  1. College of Education,
  2. University,
  3. Innovation Enterprise Institutes,
  4. Polytechnics/Monotechnics,
  5. NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy) or Nigeria Police Academy.

For those who will like to choose universities as their first and second choice, please note that you can now do that without any problems.


Good news to all of you, we are glad to use this medium to inform you all that jamb has agreed to reduce the price of the form from 5000 to 3500 only.

The instruction to reduce the cost of form came directly from the president through the ministry of education instructing jamb to reduce the cost.

Novel For the Jamb |Jamb News Today

You are all expected to pay a fee of 500 naira for a novel, questions will be ask from this Novel.
Please don’t joke with it or rely on any body on the day of your exam

Jamb has introduced another novel, titled “sweet Sixteen” we tried our best to summarize it for you all click here

JAMB REGISTRATION CENTERS for 2023/2024|Jamb News Today

Because of multiple cases of fraud, mismatched of candidates information, mass exploitation and many more all registration must be done in jamb approved center

On no reason must you register your jamb form in business center, jamb will be partnering with a few accredit centers nationwide, you are expected to do all transaction with jamb through these center.
Click here for more information

How To Register Jamb |Jamb News Today

We understand that a lot of you are new on how jamb registration works,to prevent you from making any stupid mistake that will cause you regret and sorrow tomorrow we have created a comprehensive guide click here. This guide is all in all please don’t miss it

 Jamb Profile And How To Create One|Jamb News Today

Before you register your jamb you need a profile, this profile is organized in such a way that it enables you to even track your application process, admission process, print your results online, print your original jamb result and many more.click here for more information on jamb profile creation

How Do I Get Jamb Syllabus?|Jamb News Today

I have personally searched online and most of the jamb syllabus i have come across are either outdated or incomplete.

You have to understand that every year jamb introduce changes in their registration process, admission requirements, list of accredited universities and courses, etc this changes is not only limited to jamb brochures but also to jamb syllabus.

Requirements For Jamb Registration  |Jamb News Today

  • All candidates must have a phone number that will be used to create an profile code. Please don’t use that of another candidate.
  • All candidates at this time will need an email address, my recommendation for you is either Gmail or yahoo mail.
  • All candidates need to create a profile
  • Jamb form/E-pin will only be bought and paid for in partnering banks, NIPOST or online.
  • You will be given a CD that contains jamb brochures, syllabus that will guide you in choosing your institution.
  • All online Registration must be done only at jamb approve center.
  • While filling the form make sure that you supply the necessary information in the right order; like your local government area, state of origin, name etc.
  • When you get to the registration center ensure that all your finger print and photo is captured by the system.
  • Candidates with awaiting result should specify it, while those with O level grades should supply the grades.

What Is New About Jamb?|Jamb News Today

Jamb has really transform the way and manner registration is done.

  1. You now have to do a biometric finger print.
  2. You now have to create a jamb profile
  3. You now have to register in an accredit center.
  4. You now have to understand how jamb CAPS works
  5. Every CBT center is now equipped with CCTV camera.
  6. No more expo or runs

How To Pass Jamb  |Jamb News Today

To pass JAMB you must apply some principles, tactics that has worked for other and is still working as at today.

You must be able to identify those things that will undermine your study through out this period. click here for more information on how to score 300 in jamb

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